HR center

work target of ZENBO human resources department 
    Work closely around the company`s center, strengthen human resources management team`s self construction, improve the human resources management of the overall level and work performance comprehensively; to promote the strategic transformation of organization change and the company`s human resources management, take the initiative to provide a full range of human resources services and training support to business Department; the expansion of internal and external talent talent growth the aggregation of channel, do a good job of high-quality talents for the sustainable development of the company; give full play to Tianrui spiritual and material advantages, and fully mobilize all positive factors, through the selection of all kinds of talents, training, assessment, incentives and reasonable configuration, build a team with international standards, to the great cause of Tianrui to good the team move forward constantly.

Recruitment notice
1. For details, please note the position of the careers of recruitment information.
2. you can send your resume to the company`s Human Resources Department Recruitment e-mail (
3. who came to our company applicants must submit your colorful bareheaded photo, through the mail to send resume please submit in the attachment.
4. we will timely processing your application through the resume screening, our staff will contact you, and arrange interview time.