Service and Support

Service and technical support including the allocation of wearing parts, online fault know, installation and debugging, the purchaser`s worker training, software upgrade, The product specification, fault repair and other buyers concerned about the contents. For example:

1.offers you the how to pre-sale service? Such as: whether or not to provide the sample? Sample charges? Where the party to bear the freight?

Answer: can free to provide customers with bag samples were real machine proofing proofing, and shooting videofor customer reference.

Send in the proofing paper provided by the customer, the paper freight provided by the customer, to complete the sample bag proofing can be sent free of charge by our company. provide the service of how the sale? Such as: supplying method of wearing parts? Delivery cycle (orders started)?

Answer: the damage in the warranty period of the fittings, our company in accordance with the warranty for its freereplacement. Product delivery cycle is generally for the signing of the contract within 45 days from the date of.

3.after sale service? Such as shelf life? How to provide service within the warranty period?

Answer: can provide 1 years of free warranty, long-term training services (the first free, second or subsequenttraining fees), the warranty period of machine parts can be damaged According to the number of free replacement parts.

4.other special services? Such as the design, customization, installation, training and other services!

Answer: other services include free training for the first time, subsequent paid training, and other technical support.


For the purchase of new machines for customers, our company can arrange engineer to install machinery and for the training of machine operators; for the second time or more need to move Machine and training services, our company provides compensation for the movement and training services.