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The industry standard draft organization of sheet feeding paper bag making machine
Zhejiang Zenbo Printing Machinery established in 2009. During the 10 years development period, we always insist on “Independent research and development with technological innovation”. As the National high-tech enterprises, Zenbo has undertaken many province and city level research projects. We are also the first unit to draft the sheet feeding paper bag making machine industry standard in China. Zenbo always devote ourself to the quality and brand building, we have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification etc. As one of the patent demonstration enterprises, all our products have the independent intellectual property rights. To upgrade our products intelligent technology level, Zenbo Intelligent Center was founded in 2017. Our machines have been sold to over 50 countries and regions, accompanied by customers’ acceptance and praise, Zenbo has been to a well-known paper bag making machine brand in the world.


We improve the production assembly process and the product‘s structural design according to mass production experience.The application of high-power ultrasonic cleaning technology and equipment can clean large parts to improve the cleanliness of products effectively. Promotion and improvement of bonding technology, development of new processing and assembly technologies such as screwing the screw/bolt into unthreaded hole directly, screwing the screw/bolt directly into connecting parts), etc. In order to improve the quality and stability of products, advanced technologies such as optics and laser has been applied in the detection and correction work, which improved the mechanization and automation level of assembly work.

Innovation research

The R & D center is designed to achieve the company‘s strategic objectives.
It responsible to technical support for production and operation, new product development, technical management, test management, process management and tooling management under the leadership of our company. It is also to achieve the company’s strategic objectives and long-term development plans. The R&D center also responsible for the formulation and implementation of the company‘s overall R&D strategy and annual R&D plan. Guiding the establishment and improvement of R&D product management system and organizational structure, building an efficient production and R&D team, laying a good foundation for the next large-scale production; Meanwhile, it also undertakes the technical support and consultancy work of company’s technology development strategy, new product development, old product transformation and technology management to meet the development needs of enterprises.
Future Developing

We will take action to make the future more wonderful.
To increase our sales growth rate day by day via qualified machine and 24-hour focus service.
That’s ZENBO spirit.