Paper bag Market(global brand service model)
Choose what you do bag industry

Bo equipment, provide a wide range of excellent performance products, mainly for such a few large market.

1.For nature-friendly paper bags.;
2.For export gift paper bags.;

3.For export gift paper bags.;
4.For export gift paper bags.。

For luxury goods paper bags.

Automatic tube forming (manual top folding and bottom folding) and automatic bottom pasting. (paper weight: 128-300gsm)

  • ZB 1200B
    Sheet-feeding Bag Tube Forming MachineAutomatic top folding Tube forming

  • ZB 1100A
    Sheet-feeding Bag Tube Forming Machine

  • ZB 60B
    HandBag Bottom Gluing Machine

  • ZB 50B-2
    HandBag Bottom Gluing Machine

  • ZB 50B
    HandBag Bottom Gluing Machine