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Product Introduction

ZB1180AS Sheet feeding bag tube forming machine (independent innovation)  is suitable for digital industry, various type of customized paper bag making. This machine is easy to setup and operation, which bring high efficiency during production. The paper sheet automatic delivery by feeder, automatic positioning by guide and line aligning system, automatic side pasting(both hot-melt glue and cold glue available), top folding (insert pasting), tube forming, automatic gusset forming, compaction bag output. It is a good choice to produce digital industrial, B2C,C2C products,etc flexible individualization order. 
Suitable Paper

Technical Parameters

Main Technical Parameters

Max.Sheet (L X W) 1120x600mm
Min.Sheet (L X W) 540x320mm
Sheet Weight 150g-300g/m2
Bag Width 180-400mm
Bottom Width 80-150mm
Tube Length
Production Power 8kw
Machine Size
Speed 50-80bags/min
Total Weight 5.8T
Glue Type Water soluble cold glue

Technological Process