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Product Introduction

From manual work to machine work, ZB50B-2 will bring enormous development to your enterprises.

B50B-2 Handbag Bottom gluing Machine is on the based of ZB50B Handbag Bottom gluing Machine,not only to inherit all advantages of ZB50B,but also increase  the addition way of automatic paper feeding.far away the hand-operated style and abandon the dependence of staff operation proficiency. With hot melt glue adhesive spraying fast and simple using this machine will bring you the most ideal efficiency and the most lucrative returns .

Suitable Paper

Technical Parameters

Main Technical Parameters(ZB50B&ZB50B-2)

Bottom Width 60-180mm
Bag Width 180-450mm
Bag Height 200-500mm
Sheet Weight 170g-300g/m2
Production Power 6kw
Machine Size
Speed 70-100 bags/min
Total Weight 1.8T
Glue Type
Hot-melt glue

Technological Process