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Product Introduction

ZB50B handbag bottom-gluing machine features a continuous functions of automatic delivery of manually-folded bag bottom (bottom board can inserted or not), automatic glue spray, automatic pasting, automatic folding, pressing and finished bag bottom output. This machine adopts touch-screen operation, photoelectric switch, and four hot-melt spray guns. The user can adjust the glue thickness and length according to requirements. With high precision and speed, this machine can produce various specifications of bags.
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Technical Parameters

Main Technical Parameters(ZB50B&ZB50B-2)

Bottom Width 60-180mm
Bag Width 180-450mm
Bag Height 200-500mm
Sheet Weight 170g-300g/m2
Production Power 6kw
Machine Size
Speed 70-100 bags/min
Total Weight 1.8T
Glue Type
Hot-melt glue

Technological Process