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Product Introduction

ZB50S bottom gluing machine automatically feeding unclosed paper bag. After open bottom, auto insert bottom cardboard(not intermittent type), auto spray hot melt glue、bottom close and compaction output to realize the bottom close and bottom cardboard insert function. This machine is operated by touch screen, controlled by Optical fiber, equip with 4 pipe and 4 hot melt spray gun which can control the spraying length and quantity independently or synchronously. This machine can spray glue evenly by high speed and precision, which can produce various kinds of paper bags.
Suitable Paper

Technical Parameters

Main Technical Parameters

Bottom Width 80-175mm
Bottom Cardboard Width 70-165mm
Bag Width 180-430mm
Bottom Cardboard Length 170-420mm
Bag Height 250-500mm
Sheet Weight 190-350g/m2
Bottom Cardboard Weight
Production Power 8kw
Machine Size
Speed 50-80 bags/min
Total Weight
Glue Type
Hot-melt glue

Technological Process